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Contributed by Erin Swann, MSE, ATP

The BJOY Ring is a device that would allow a wheelchair joystick to be used to control mouse movement on a computer screen. In addition to controlling a computer, the BJOY Ring could also be used to control tablets or smartphones that allow for cursor input.

Mouse clicking could be achieved by activating external switches that are plugged into the BJOY Ring. Additionally, clicking could be done using dwell clicking software, which performs a click when the mouse rests in one location for a specified amount of time.

The BJOY Ring comes in a wired or wireless version. Each BJOY Ring transmitter can be paired with up to four receivers allowing the control of four different devices. The user could switch between controlling different devices and driving the wheelchair independently by performing patterned movements on the joystick.

The BJOY Ring device could be a great computer access solution for someone who is already proficient at operating their wheelchair joystick.  With the use of an onscreen keyboard, the user could access all keyboard and mouse operations on their computer using the BJOY Ring.

Send us a message at mdtap@mdtap.org if you’d like to give the BJOY Ring a try!


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