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Contributed by Erin Swann, MSE, ATP

With Black Friday quickly approaching, now is typically the best time of year to purchase an Amazon Echo product.  Other than the Amazon Echo, other Amazon Echo product options include the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo Spot.

You have probably heard about or seen commercials for the voice-controlled device called the Amazon Echo. But have you thought about ways this device could help someone with a disability?


  • Using the Find My Phone function, the Echo can cause your phone to ring letting you know where it is located.
  • The Echo can have reminders programmed to let you know when to take your medicine or when to take a stretch break at work.
  • A timer can be set to let you know when your food is ready to come out of the oven or when it’s time to change your laundry from the washer to the dryer.


  • The echo can tell you the day, time, and weather.
  • Words can be spelled and defined.


  • With the use of external devices, the Amazon Echo can be used to turn on lights and fans or control door locks, the thermostat, or the TV.
  • Audiobooks can be read to you so you don’t have to turn the pages.
  • You can add items to your shopping list or to do list by voice as well as place orders through Amazon.
  • You can call, text, or email friends or family in case of an emergency using a voice command.

And that’s just the beginning.  New functions are being added to the Amazon Echo all the time.  If you would like to see a demonstration and learn more about the Amazon Echo, contact the Maryland Technology Assistance Program by calling 1-800-832-4827 or emailing mdtap@mdtap.org to schedule an appointment.


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