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Contributed by Paul Burden from Our Voice


Amazon Echo Voice Assistant

The Amazon Echo, sometimes called Alexa, is the most popular personal voice assistant on the market, by far.  The Echo enjoys more than 80% market share in the voice assistant arena.  The Echo has fundamentally changed the way we use technology and can be especially beneficial for seniors, the blind and low vision community and people with neurological issues.   


Voice Instead of Keyboard

With the Echo, there’s no complicated software to learn and update; no keyboard, users simply speak. Using voice only, users can:

  • Have their favorite music played
  • Get the latest headlines and weather
  • Listen to their favorite radio stations and podcasts
  • Have books read to them
  • Do their shopping
  • Manage their calendars
  • Contact family and friends in case of an emergency
  • Query the Internet for information
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • And much more


While the Echo is very easy to use, it can be difficult to set up and configure. That’s where Our Voice comes in, a company comprised of Amazon Echo experts. Our Voice, a partner of Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, installs, customizes and trains people so they get the maximum benefit out of the Amazon Echo. If you would like to learn more about Our Voice, you can call toll free 844-Voice 13 (844-864-2313) or go to:  www.ourvoice.net


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