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World Braille Day

It’s World Braille Day!!

Developed by Louis Braille as a Braille isn’t a language. It’s a tactile writing system, that allows users to translate printed language.   And not just English-nearly every widely-spoken language has it’s own Braille system, as does Math, computer science, and music!  Braille is based on a relational method of dots, specifically designed to be identified with the fingertip.  

two hands reading braille on wooden desk

There are so many ways that AT can expand the use of Braille for users. Computers provide additional avenues of literacy for braille users. Software programs and portable electronic braille note takers allow users to save and edit their writing, have it displayed back to them either audibly or tactually and produce a hard copy via a desktop computer-driven braille embosser.  

Our lending library has many braille notetakers and other braille AT solutions.  Contact one of our AT Specialists for a consultation- Online request or call 1-800-832-4827. 

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