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Attention Gamers!

Do you know someone that is a gamer?

If you have a loved one that is mad about gaming, but finds it difficult to play their new favorite video games due to fine or gross motor challenges, then this new device could be the ideal solution.  The Microsoft Xbox adaptive controller is an assistive device, essentially an adaptive gaming controller and a hub that allows the traditional buttons to be reprogrammed/replaced using external devices such as single switches.   It is now possible to connect external assistive devices (sold separately) such as switches, buttons, mounts and joysticks to create a custom experience allowing the end user to play the Xbox like their peers.

Picture of XBOX system and game on screen.

Xbox One S pictured above with the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Xbox Adaptive Controller pictured above connected to a variety of assistive devices that provide user access for those with motor challenges.  Click the link below to see the controller in action.  This fantastic device can be purchased at www.Microsoft.com.   

And if you need some awesome feels, this video shows the power of AT in action!  We couldn’t love it more.  

Watch a video of the Xbox Adaptive Controller in action!

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