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Kathleen Carter, NC high school student and volunteer-intern at EducatorLabs recently compiled a list of autism resources for employment. She has requested that these resources be shared via the MDTAP blog.

Autism Speaks Resource Guide



Career Assistance for People with Autism



National Center for Autism Resources & Education



AutismNOW Transition Planning



Aquatic Therapy for Children with Autism





According to the stories below, you can control your TV with your mind, control your limbs with a computer, and “see” with your tongue…#justsayin. AT in the news for the week of 6/15 thru 6/19

BJOY Ring | Wheelchair’s Joystick into Your Mouse

FDA approves device to help people with vision disabilities see by using their tongues

Apple launches “Popular Apps Optimized for VoiceOver” section in the App Store

BBC technology lets people change channel with their mind

WWDC Puts Accessibility On The Radar For Developers

Revolutionary new computer-controlled prosthetic leg launched

This new remote is helping blind people watch cable

Smart Device Access for Those Who Can’t Touch

IoT enabled diapers, Myoelectric limbs and amputee rehabilitation through gaming

Blind students’ lawsuit leads to big changes at N.J. county college

New Video Game Accessibility Requirements Starting in October

The ABLE Act for Funding AT

Meet Canute, a Multiline Braille Display for the Masses that’s Being Tested Now

Students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology & Zurich U of A designed a wheelchair that can climb stairs

Headband Helps Parkinson’s Patients Self-Treat Symptoms at Home

Firm develops speech to tactile solution for people with hearing disabilities

A New ‘3D Hand’ Improves Life of Disfigured Man From Guatemala

The VoiceDream App text-to-speech reader to appear for Android in August

This wheelchair climbs stairs like a boss

Purdue teaches people with disabilities how to fly; plans for expansion

Prosthetic hands created with 3D-printer

Farmers with prosthetics face durability challenges

Science Fair Winner Designs Device To Cut Virus Spread On Planes

It’s that time of month again where we feature some of the updated and newest items posted on Equipment Link. To see a complete listing, visit www.equipmentlink.org or www.myatprogram.org.

These recently listed items are available under the following categories:

Mobility, Seating, Positioning

  • Hoveround Electric Scooter – $100 or Best Offer
  • Pronto Electric Wheelchair – Free
  • EasyStand 500 Youth Sit-to-Stand – Best Offer
  • Inclinator Chair Lift – Best Offer

Daily Living 

  • Electric Hospital Bed with Pad – Free
  • Hospital Bed – $200 or Best Offer

For more information on these and other items please visit Equipment Link at www.equipmentlink.org or call us at (410) 554-9230 or (800) 832-4827.

HTML5 and longdesc

The longdesc attribute, which is used to reference a page that contains a longer description of a complex image (such as a chart or graph), is currently not present in the HTML5 specification. It was dropped due to poor implementation by authors (it was often coded incorrectly or didn’t provide a true alternative to the complex image), poor browser support, and because it really only provided utility for some screen reader users. Unfortunately, there is not yet a suitable alternative attribute or functionality in HTML5 or ARIA for referencing a long description page. While longdesc will likely have continued support in browsers and screen readers for some time, it has long been recommended that for optimal usability and accessibility that authors provide a standard link to the long description page instead of or in addition to using longdesc.

The RESNA Catalyst Project has recently published its AT Inventor Resource Guide. And if you have an idea for a new device, use this guide to take it from concept to reality!

Join the hundreds of individuals, organizations, and government agencies across the country who have pledged their support for the ADA! Become a part of the nationwide celebration as we count down to the 25th anniversary of one of the world’s most historic civil rights laws.

Click here to restate your commitment to continue efforts to fully implement the ADA.

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