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It’s almost the holiday weekend, and chances are you’ll be chatting news (and probably politics) with friends and family. Let us help you wow them with your smarts about current trends in technology, engineering and disability legislation – here’s the best place to start…AT in the news for the week of 5/23 thru 5/27

German scientists are training robots to ‘feel’ pain

The future of medicine: Magnetic origami pills made out of pig intestine

Will Amazon Echo, Google Home Be The Disability-Friendly Holiday Gifts Of 2016?

New! Videos, resources and more for developing apps for accessibility

Online Autism Training Shows Promise For Families

ReWalk tech to help stroke, MS victims get moving

Toyota’s Idea of Mobility Includes Stair-Climbing Wheelchair And Wearable GPS For Blind People

STEM students challenged to invent assistive technology

Video is a great addition for a website. To make the video accessible, include captions and audio descriptions

How Technology for Good Can Give Kids With Limited Lives Unlimited Possibilities

For People With Disabilities, New Technology Can Be Life Changing

How to plan the return to work for disabled employees

Assistive technology helping people with dementia

Equipment Link is the place to find gently used assistive technology & durable medical equipment. Here’s what’s been listed this month, so far:

Chair Lift – Free

Bed Trapeze Bar – Free

Semi-electric hospital bed – Free

Toilet Chair – Free

Wheelchair – Free

Deque University courses now available for free to all persons with disabilities!

If you are considering a career in the field of digital accessibility this is your chance to get access to courses that will put you on the path for success!

Deque University online courses in digital accessibility will be available to people with disabilities for free. The offer is good for one year after the sign-up date. To sign up, all we require is the applicant’s name, email, identification of disability, and a brief personal statement. All applicants with a disability will receive login credentials. The full list of courses, application link, and additional details are located at http://dequeuniversity.com/pwd

For those who are hard-of-hearing, sometimes a little  extra helps (besides hearing aids) can go a long way. Assistive listening devices, referred to as ALDs, are devices that amplify surrounding sounds, often directly into ear buds, head phones, or a personal loop that works with the hearing aids.

ALDs can come as small dedicated devices or can be purchased as inexpensive apps for a smartphone. If you’d like to learn more about the ALDs that we have in the AT Library, visit us online.

Section 508 Best Practices Webinar: The Basics of Manual and Automatic Testing for Section 508 (May 24)

The next webinar in the Section 508 Best Practices Webinar Series will take place May 24 from 1:00 to 2:30 (ET) and will cover the basics of testing websites and documents for compliance with Section 508 Standards. Presenters will review both manual and automatic testing and explain how they work and the pros and cons of each type.

For more details or to register for this free webinar, visit www.accessibilityonline.org. Registration closes 24 hours before the start of the session.

The Section 508 Best Practices Webinar Series provides helpful information and best practices for federal agencies in meeting their obligations under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act which ensures access to electronic and information technology in the federal sector. This webinar series is made available by the Accessibility Community of Practice of the CIO Council in partnership with the U.S. Access Board.

Section 508 Best Practices: The Basics of Manual and Automatic Testing for Section 508 May 24, 2016, 1:00- 2:30 (ET)       Add to Calendar Presenters: • Don Barrett, Section 508 Coordinator, Department of Education • Tim Creagan, Senior Accessibility Specialist, U.S. Access Board • Katherine Eng, Section 508 Testing Program Lead, DOJ Assistive Technology Resource Center • Alex Koudry, Director, Center for Information Technology Access, GSA • Dave Stenger, Senior Management Specialist, Section 508 SME, GSA • Deborah Kaplan, Section 508 Policy Lead, Office of the CIO, HHS (moderator)

Registration: www.accessibilityonline.org Note: Registration closes 24 hours before the start of the session. Instructions for accessing the webinar on the day of the session will be sent via email to registered individuals in advance of the session. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) and Video Sign Language Interpreters are available for each session and will be broadcast via the webinar platform. A telephone option (not toll-free) for receiving audio is also available.


Don’t read this right now!!! The sun is shining, so get outside and get your vitamin D! But tomorrow, when it’s cold, rainy, and you’re stuck inside on a Saturday, you can thank us for the great reading material 🙂

AT in the news for the week of 5/16 thru 5/20

Pfizer & IBM Launch Research Project to Transform Parkinson’s Disease

Accessibility Checker is coming by the end of the year to Office for Mac

For Wheelchair Users, A RoboDesk For Electronic Devices

Enhancing Office 365 usability with screen readers on mobile devices and more

Welcome to the future: A Kindle-style braille tablet!

Wyss Institute collaborates with ReWalk Robotics to develop wearable exosuits

Affordable & Accessible–3D Printing Proves to Be a Realistic Technology for Helping the Disabled

MIT Device Makes You a Superhuman With a Third Hand – The Robotic Symbionts project is trying to bring

5 Accessibility Features Every Learner Should Know

Clinical trials of robotic legs helping patients walk again

Wearable For Visually Impaired Is A Guide For Indoor Spaces


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