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Whew! Hope you have your reading glasses on because there’s a lot of good stuff in here this week. DIY captioning for the deaf, baby carriers for paraplegic moms, incredible clothing designs for kids with autism…Seriously, you don’t want to miss this. AT in the news for the week of 8/24 thru 8/28

Accessibility technology in a hearing-centric world: The Verge’s Top Shelf visits the Motion Light lab at Gallaudet

Many mobile health apps neglect needs of blind users

A Vision for the Future: Baxter Shines in Research to Guide the Blind

These 13 Incredible Apps Can See, Hear, And Speak For You!

AT for Housekeeping

U of D Jesuit senior develops baby carrier for paraplegic mothers

DYK: 91% of college students w disabilities say AT is important. QIAT-PS survey (PDF)

Smartphones, Apps Are Liberating the Blind and Visually Impaired

Funding plea for automated home technology for disabled people

Central High grad, Auburn senior developing apps for Google Glass to enable disabled

Watch a child use Guided Access on her iPad to play with a Mother Goose app

Trends on Tuesday: Web Standards Advocate Advises Adaptive Web Design for Government Sites

Tools/Tips for DIY Video Transcription/Captioning

4 Online Accessibility Trends in Higher Ed [VIDEO]

Advocates want websites accessible to those with impaired, no eyesight

Superhero-inpsired robotic hand wins UK Dyson award

Here are four ways to ensure equal access for your child in school

Orée Stylograph pen takes notes while you take notes

FCC’s Remarks on Supporting Accessible Communications for People With Disabilities

Actionable Ways To Improve Website Usability

One stand to rule them all! iPad, iPod, iPhone

Clothing designs may look odd to you, for kids w/autism it looks awesome

Smartphones, Apps Are Liberating the Blind and Visually Impaired

Can technology make a hearing-centric world more accessible?


Bullying of Students with Disabilities

Contributed by Provi Sharpe, Director of Emergency Management and Equipment Reuse, MDTAP

Families all across Maryland are in the midst of preparing for the start of the 2015 school year.  Schools will open their doors to new and returning students the week of August 24th.  As your student(s) prepare to start the new school year, be sure to prepare them for the possibility of bullying.

Many students with disabilities are already addressing challenges in the academic environment. When they are bullied, it can directly impact their education. Bullying is not a harmless rite of childhood that everyone experiences. Research shows that bullying can negatively impact a child’s access to education and lead to school avoidance and higher rates of absenteeism, decrease in grades, inability to concentrate, loss of interest in academic achievement, and increase in dropout rates.

The National Bullying Prevention Center offers resources for parents, students and educators, including “Bullying and Harassment of Students with Disabilities”, which is a fact sheet that is also available as a downloadable PDF.  StopBullying.gov is another resource that offers valuable information, including Maryland Anti-Bullying Laws & Policies.

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Center of Excellence in Nonvisual Access to Commerce, Public Information, and Education (CENA) and the Maryland Technology Assistance Program will be hosting the fourth Web Accessibility Training Day on November 4, 2015. As we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, this event will look at some of the work that still remains to be done in creating equal access. Join us for sessions on the following topics and many more:

  • Web accessibility testing
  • Changing organization culture to foster accessibility
  • Accessibility in education
  • The Section 508 refresh

Whether you are a developer looking to polish your accessibility skills, an accessibility professional looking for the latest developments in web accessibility, or a manager wondering how to work accessibility into your process, there will be topics to interest you, as well as exhibitors to help you find custom solutions to any barriers you may be facing. This training is offered as part of the NFB CENA. The CENA serves to share the considerable knowledge that the NFB and its partners have of web accessibility and access technology in order to bring about greater accessibility in government, education, and business; to promote best practices nationally; and to build Maryland’s status as leader in the field. The registration fee is $100. Register now!

The event will be held at the NFB Jernigan Institute at:

200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place Baltimore, MD 21230 United States

For more information, please visit https://nfb.org/web-accessibility-day, or contact Clara Van Gerven at cvangerven@nfb.org.

There’s a new digital notetaker coming to market, and we’re quite excited! Having both the Livescribe and the Neo Smartpen here in the MDTAP AT Library, we were excited to learn about one of the newest additions to the smartpen family, the Orée Stylograph. According to the website and related articles, it can be used for two full days without a charge, all content can be uploaded to mobile devices via Bluetooth, and that data can then be exported to Google Drive or Evernote. This is a great option for busy students, professionals, and teachers alike.

Learn more about the Orée Stylograph.

This just may be the final AT Library tour of the season, and I’m pretty sure you won’t want to miss it. We’ve gotten lots of new devices to demonstrate and loan. So, now is the time to get your tickets for the October 7th tour. Register online!

Apps for loneliness and video games for depression. Pants that communicate when you can’t and machines that will hike for you when you can’t. The possibilities are endless! AT in the news for the week of 8/17 through 8/21

New today: Digital Accessibility Legal Update

I, Fashion: How technology is changing the way we dress

FCC Boosting Open Video Platform for the Deaf

Low Vision Accessibility Task Force open for participation

Mindfulness and Job Accommodations Survey from Florida State University student

Flashing LEDs facilitate brain-controlled exoskeleton

Stephen Hawking’s Voice Software Can Be Yours, for Free

3D Printing Technology Looks To Increase Participation In Adaptive Sports

Giving the disabled and homebound a chance to ‘hike’ a volcano

Labels of generosity

These Weird Pants Could Give People Who Can’t Speak a Way to Communicate

Device Lifts Wheelchair-Bound from Chairs and Gets Them Walking

Fitness wearable are the rage & Freewheel is the world’s first fitness tracker for wheelchairs

Artificial intelligence enables people who are blind to “see”

Uber’s Business Isn’t Built to Help Disabled People

Is there an app for loneliness?

OPINION: The disabled don’t need miraculous, high-tech interventions to save them

‘Play This Video Game And Call Me In The Morning’

Chaotic Moon Is Building A Fitness Tracker For Wheelchairs

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