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Apps for loneliness and video games for depression. Pants that communicate when you can’t and machines that will hike for you when you can’t. The possibilities are endless! AT in the news for the week of 8/17 through 8/21

New today: Digital Accessibility Legal Update

I, Fashion: How technology is changing the way we dress

FCC Boosting Open Video Platform for the Deaf

Low Vision Accessibility Task Force open for participation

Mindfulness and Job Accommodations Survey from Florida State University student

Flashing LEDs facilitate brain-controlled exoskeleton

Stephen Hawking’s Voice Software Can Be Yours, for Free

3D Printing Technology Looks To Increase Participation In Adaptive Sports

Giving the disabled and homebound a chance to ‘hike’ a volcano

Labels of generosity

These Weird Pants Could Give People Who Can’t Speak a Way to Communicate

Device Lifts Wheelchair-Bound from Chairs and Gets Them Walking

Fitness wearable are the rage & Freewheel is the world’s first fitness tracker for wheelchairs

Artificial intelligence enables people who are blind to “see”

Uber’s Business Isn’t Built to Help Disabled People

Is there an app for loneliness?

OPINION: The disabled don’t need miraculous, high-tech interventions to save them

‘Play This Video Game And Call Me In The Morning’

Chaotic Moon Is Building A Fitness Tracker For Wheelchairs

It’s that time of month again where we feature some of the recently updated and newest items posted on Equipment Link. To see a complete listing, visit www.equipmentlink.org or www.myatprogram.org :

These recently listed items are available under the following categories-

Mobility, Seating, Positioning:

  • Maclaren Pediatric wheelchair/stroller – $200
  • Zippie Pediatric wheelchair/stroller – $200


Daily Living:

  • Flexitouch Lymphedema Pump – $2,500 or Best Offer


For more information on these and other items please visit Equipment Link at www.equipmentlink.org or call us at (410) 554-9230 or (800) 832-4827.

Did you know that you can control your iOS mobile device with a switch, just by turning on the Switch Control option under the Accessibility feature in Settings? To learn more about how to do this, and to see this awesome feature in action, watch this YouTube video by Christopher Hills.



PenFriend2, 8/18/15

Contributed by Joel Zimba, Special Projects Coordinator, MDTAP

The PenFriend, which has been with us for several years, has had an update. The all new PenFriend2 is smaller and easier to operate.

I bought mine from www.maxiaids.com, which had the lowest price at the time, but amazon.com lists them for $129 as of the time of this writing.

Inside the box, you will find the PenFriend2 itself, along with several paper labels and 3 magnet labels. The latter attach to cans, or as the instructions quaintly call them, “tins.” As always additional labels of all kinds can be ordered in sequentially labeled packs.

The four labels attached to the PenFriend2 package will describe the basic operation of the device. In less than five minutes after opening the box, I was able to record and play back my first label.

As background, the PenFriend2, is an audio labeling system, which records audio messages. These messages are keyed to proprietary PenFriend labels which can be attached to anything from household items, clothing or Magic The Gathering cards. Hint—if you are intent on doing this last one, the built-in audio jack might come in handy during game play.

While organization at home or work is an obvious use of the PenFriend2, there are apparently picture books which come with PenFriend-based audio description. Other creative uses include describing displays in museums or information on maps. The low cost and ease of use make the PenFriend2 great for experimentation.

The U.S. Administration on Aging has a new resource for families and loved ones of senior citizens in need of care. The Eldercare Locator allows users to search for localized resources by zipcode, topic, and city. With topics ranging from legal assistance to volunteering, a wide variety of information is available for families and individuals hoping to get direct resources for many aging-related needs.


It’s that most wonderful time of year when students are getting ready to head back to the classroom. And there’s lots of great AT news just in time to support them. From a federal funding boost to a list of the best technology supports, this week’s AT news has it covered (and much more). AT in the news for the week of 8/10 thru 8/14

Disaster Needs in the Disability Community Aren’t Being Met

Helping injured children walk, one step at a time

Assisted living What does the rise of e-bikes mean for cycling?

Legworks Takes Top Spot at Accessibility Tech Pitch Contest

5 Ways an Electronic Magnifier Can Improve Your Day to Day Life

5 Mobile Technologies Help Level the Playing Field for People with Disabilities [Video]

Montgomery aims to make all taxicabs wheelchair accessible by 2025

Forget smart fridges – here’s the kitchen tech you really want

Beyond Sight: astounding art-house videogame gives a window into blindness

US Ed Gov invests $9.2 million to improve outcomes for students with disabilities

Choosing the Right Technology Supports for Middle & High School Students

This Google-funded startup prints 3D hands for disabled kids

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