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By definition, accessibility means “the degree to which something is reachable.” For people living with disabilities, accessibility doesn’t just mean how reachable something is — oftentimes, the level of accessibility can define their ability to interact with and participate in certain activities or events, including entertainment.

According to the CDC, 61 million Americans are living with disabilities, which makes accessibility in entertainment a huge priority for a large group of people. Increases in awareness of accessibility issues in gaming have inspired innovations in video game creation and assistive technology, to allow individuals to customize their game experience to their needs.

Benefits of gaming for people with disabilities

Video games have evolved significantly since their debut in 1958. This evolution has changed the way people interact with gaming — and the way that gaming interacts with people. Now, people with disabilities are discovering the self-care benefits of video games, which can be both mental and physical.

For the full article, including specific benefits of gaming and assistive technology for gaming, visit https://www.verizon.com/about/blog/video-game-accessibility

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