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CLICK HERE to register for the Virtual Tour of the Maryland Accessible Telecommunications and Assistive Technology Programs!

Thursday July 7, 2022 from 9-11am

Free, but registration required

Event flier, including headshots of the presenters. Lori (Executive Director of the Maryland Assistive Technology Program) is a young woman with light skin and long brown hair and large, gold earrings. Tarita (TRS Outreach Coordinator for Maryland Relay) is a young woman with brown skin and short, curly hair, wearing a suit. Denise (AT and Reuse Specialist for the Maryland Assistive Technology Program) has long, grey hair and glasses, light skin and a blue, collared shirt.

Technologies play an essential role in our everyday life, and for individuals with disabilities, they help increase their independence and capacity to engage fully in daily activities, and in academic and vocational programs. With technological advances, many assistive technology devices and telecommunication services are now available to assist individuals with disabilities in overcoming the challenges that largely result from difficulties in acquiring the requisite skills needed to perform a particular task. This virtual tour of both the Maryland Assistive Technology (AT) Library and the Maryland Accessible Telecommunications program will offer participants the opportunity to see and learn about some of the newest ATs on the market, and how AT can best help them, their friends and families, and individuals with disabilities remove barriers associated with task and communication performance. Participants will also learn about AT services, financial loan programs and the loan application process, and how to advocate for AT use at home, school and agencies, and in the community. Instructional Level: Introductory

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