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Hey guys, this week’s blog post is a slightly different from the norm, as it will be focusing on digital accessibility versus the traditional assistive technology posts you have grown accustomed to us sharing out!  Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending the Inter-agency Accessibility Forum (IAAF) sponsored by the Federal Chief Information Officer Council (Federal CIO Council’s) Accessibility Community of Practice and hosted by the General Services Administration (GSA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) federal agencies in Washington DC.  I had the pleasure of working, collaborating and consulting with some fabulous digital accessibility and assistive technology professionals from a variety of backgrounds at this two day forum in our nation’s capital. 

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During the two-day forum, I had a chance to learn about how the federal government is working diligently to make their digital footprint accessible for all.  I was particularly impressed with the energy of the speakers, presenters and the attendees.  Many of the attendees were from a variety of government agencies and they all came together for one common interest making digital content more accessible for federal employees and consumers with disabilities.

Large sign with Dept of Human Services logo in center surrounded by logos of all agencies in department

As a non-federal employee, I was welcomed by all and I truly appreciated the warm welcome I received.  Overall, it was a fantastic cooperative learning opportunity that I was afforded and I would definitely recommend that other state and municipal employees register and attend this forum, if they have capacity.  I was very impressed with their sessions on digital accessibility testing.  In particular, I loved learning more about the Accessible Name and Description Inspector (ANDI) accessibility testing tool that is the primary tool for accessibility testers within the federal government.  ANDI.  A free-to-use government accessibility testing tool that is pragmatic and has a proven track record.

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In a future blog post, we will do a deeper dive into website testing tools  and in particular ; ANDI but for now it’s time to call it a day!

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