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What a week or so!  I have spent a great deal of time, learning, thinking and educating folks
about accessing the web as an individual with a disability. I am so pleased to report back that
so many mainstream companies and more importantly small businesses (regional and local tech
firms) are now beginning to focus on website accessibility. Many of us are aware that the focus
on inclusivity of website access should have happened years ago considering the age of the
internet. Currently, I believe that accessibility is becoming ‘mainstream’ and developers are
having a paradigm shift in regards to how people think about website accessibility.
One of my favorite tools I like to use is WAVE Web Accessibility checker; it’s a simple to use
tool that scans websites for accessibility challenges that can then be remediated by the web
content creator or another appropriate person. The checker is very simple to use, simply go to
their site, enter your website address and then let the checker do it’s thing!

screenshot of home page for WAVE
After a few moments, the tool will provide feedback that can be used to remediate your website
and make it accessible for all!

Screen shot of Loudon County homepage
The challenges listed above can quite often be addressed using powerful content authoring
tools or sometimes a simple/pragmatic WYSIWYG editor.
To wrap up, feel free to comment on this post or reach out to us here at TAP and we can tell
you a little about the basics of creating or remediating accessible web content.

Thanks for reading!


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