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Apex Legends

Hi guys, some of you probably know that I am an avid gamer and especially the console platform games.  My first deep dive into Battle Royale games has come with the game ‘Apex Legends.’  This is a cross platform tile by ReSpawn (with financial backing from I believe by Electronic Arts) and it’s been a huge success with gamers of all ages.  Well over the past few weeks, I have been reading online that this particular game is hugely popular with Xbox One and PS4 players with disabilities — this title doesn’t require you to press every single button on the controller and some buttons simply do not have a function connected so from an accessibility standpoint, it’s a great game to play with an adaptive controller setup.

Apex Legends logo with solider next to name.


Well over the past few weeks as season 2 of the game is winding down — I have noticed that more and more individuals that cannot speak are playing the game instead they are using the in-game communication feature to communicate with other players.  I have really enjoyed noticing the surge in players in the gaming community that are using the accessibility features.  


Screen grab of settings screen on computer.


As you can see from above that the accessibility features are planted front and center within the game’s option menu. It is a welcome relief that the in-game chat has been made so user friendly that users with disabilities can ‘chat’ mid-game without losing the ‘flow’ of the game.  I hope that more video game developers make their accessibility features ‘front and center’ so all gamers can have fun and play!

Stay tuned for an accessible gaming event soon!  More details to follow. 

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