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CARING TEENS WANTED! Do you have a friend, neighbor or colleague who has a teenager that would like to learn how to care for children with disabilities and provide respite care?

Caring Communities can train up to 10 students at a location of your choosing. This could be at your home, library, church or appropriate setting.

CARING TEENS is a day-long program that prepares teens to offer first-rate care for children who have mild to moderate disabilities and/or to enter the field of special education some day.

Caring for a child with special needs can be a 24-hour-a-day job, with limited downtime to take care of family matters, catch a movie or just relax on the sofa. Parents of children with disabilities desperately need a break to rest, relieve stress and get re-energized. Respite care for a child with disabilities is something that every parent asks for, but few ever get.

Unlike families of typical children, who can hire a neighborhood teenager to baby-sit when they need a night out, respite care requires someone with training and confidence to tend to the child’s needs. CARING TEENS is an interactive hands-on training especially designed for students aged 13 -19 (some exceptions made).

Training Topics include:
• Role and responsibility of the Respite Care Provider (specialized babysitter)
• Disability information and awareness
• Communication issue
• Behavior management
• Safety
• Seizures
• Assistive/adaptive equipment
• and much much more!

Students must attend entire session to receive Certificate of Attendance.

Check http://caringcommunities.org/CaringTeens.html for more info


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