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There’s practically nothing in the news these days that makes me feel good or hopeful. But this week’s AT wrap-up is working really hard to change that. Thank you, technology and its manipulators, for making me see the good in humanity again. There’s a 3D printed heart on a chip, touchable ink for braille readers, a touch-free cellphone and more. Get all your good news here!!!

AT in the news for the week of 10/24 thru 10/28

Our government should reflect the diversity of our nation

[Video] “When technology is designed for everyone, it lets anyone do what they love.”

Elementary teacher uses technology to help dyslexic kids develop love of reading

[Video] Office 365 tools for accessibility at work 

Assistive Technology from iPhones to Notetakers helpful for kids who are blind/low-vision

We’re live at the world’s first robotic kitchen watching robot hands cook for us! 

People With Disabilities Can Hike At State Park Thanks To All-Terrain Wheelchair 

Uncovering Challenges and Opportunities for 3D Printing Assistive Technology with Physical Therapists

4 reasons why an accessible website is a win-win

New Agreement Opens Up Dual Enrollment for High School Students With Disabilities

Cutting Edge School Tech: Focus On Differences

Mom designs shopping cart with children with special needs and seniors in mind

How Apple and Facebook bring tech accessibility to the masses

Toms River Patch: Library Program Lets Vision-Impaired LEAP Back Into Reading

New Technology Helps NJ’s Developmentally Disabled Gain Independence – NJ Spotlight

Columbia University Medical Center and Lighthouse Guild to Hold Conference on New Technologies

3D Printed Wheelchair That Accurately Fits User; Provides More Comfort And Safety

The 12 best educational tech toys for Christmas 2016

What can we 3D print? Everything! Here are 8 awesome examples

For the disability community, tech is the great equalizer

Samsung’s Touchable Ink prints braille using any laser printer

Technology gives wheelchair-bound fliers a lift

Technology helps dyslexic students develop a love of reading 

Harvard researchers print world’s first heart-on-a-chip

A quadriplegic’s challenge: Make me a touch-free phone

Getting Dental Care Can Be A Challenge For People With Disabilities

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