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Webinar Series: Learn more about Social Security Benefit Programs for Students Under 22

Written and Presented by Michael Walling, M.Ed.

The “Social Security Benefit Programs for Students Under 22” Webinar was developed from the workshops I have conducted over the past four years for parents, teachers, and human service professionals.
This webinar addresses the most common questions, concerns, and issues parents face as they struggle to understand Social Security programs.  The webinar also provides the core information needed by education and human service professionals, involved in providing transition services, to support students and their families.  This webinar is appropriate for individuals with a disability, parents, and caregivers.
The Webinar Consists of Four Individual Sessions: Each cost $12 or buy all four sessions for $40. To register and read more information about each session below, click here.
Session #401      The Basics of the Social Security Programs
Session #402      The SSI Program – Part I – Children Under 18
Session #403      The SSI Program – Part II – Young Adults Under 22
Session #404      Title II Benefits Available to a Child and Young Adult
Register for all four sessions at one time (Register for Session #400 on this link) and save $8.00.
Each session can be attended when you chose. Send request for access information one day prior to attending. You will receive the URL for the session, the pass code, and the handout as an attached file.
The sessions are available 7 days a week, at any time of the day.
When accessing a session, you will be provided: 1) the Internet address (URL) for the session; 2) a pass code; and 3) a handout, in PDF format, that accompanies the session (each handout is about 20 pages in length).

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