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Make yourself comfortable because this is two weeks worth of AT News (and not all of it even!)…We’ve got stylized emergency alert necklaces, some 3D printed body parts, some cool Google Glass stuff going on, a braille phone, and way more. And remember, you can read all the latest news at MDTAP’s twitter account, @MDTAP. Enjoy.

AT in the news for the weeks of 5/19 thru 5/30

Game controller for disabled children takes top honour at design awards

A team from BYU is working to help people who are deaf by projecting an ASL interpreter onto googleglass  (video)

Innovative Wheelchair Elevators Rise in the 21st Century

Necklace designed to help women escape a bad date, assist people w/ disabilities during a crisis

New goggle-like device may lead to 3-D augmented reality technology that minimizes visual fatigue

Google rolling out its own driverless car

App In Works To Screen For Autism

“Signglasses” project makes use of Google Glass for DHH kids

This Startup Is Revolutionizing Mobility for Wheelchair Users

See this cool “Virtual Guide Dog” device in action here (video)

New smartphone app warns people with vision disabilities of obstacles in their way

Researchers build set of shape-changing robots for use as adaptive furniture

Eye Tracking Wearables For Market Research: Tobii Glasses 2

Military Plans To Test Brain Implants To Fight Mental Disorders

The world’s first neurofeedback device for home use by autistic children

Does the digital age spell the end of Braille?

I, robot: how ‘Rex’ is helping one woman to walk again after 10 years in a wheelchair

Web Accessibility Toolkit for Research Libraries Launched by ARL

Test Maker Settles Disability Suit With Justice Department

Wegmans, Kroger add Carolines Cart

High school students’ invention makes more jobs available to the blind

Advocates for blind sue Maryland election officials

World’s cheapest 3D printer moves forward

Travelers with Disabilities Now Have Toll-Free Hotline to Assist

Artificial Intelligence Lenses Developed for the Blind

Turning Sound and Touch into Sight

Robohand unveils 3D-printed robotic leg

Graduate course in assistive technology to help teachers level the learning curve

UpRight Wearable Device Won’t Let You Slouch

3D Printed Braille Mobile Phone

London firm launches Braille phone

Galaxy S5 aids the disabled

These locals are making tech more accessible for people with disabilities

Quadriplegic racer drives Corvette by tilting head

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