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Contributed by Lori Markland, Director of Communications, Outreach and Program Development, MDTAP

Confession – I love PDFs and I can not lie.

I like taking a document and saving it as a PDF. I like the way it looks on the screen. And given the choice between reading a Word doc or a PDF, I’ll always choose PDF. But that doesn’t make this love affair right. Especially because I know that the vast majority of PDFs are, at best, complicated bundles of inaccessible text and overlooked tags, and at worst, they’re downright unreadable for someone using a screen reader. So, I have resolved to make sure that every document I create be converted into an accessible PDF. Easier said than done.

In my quest to learn more and do this better, I found a few links that can be super helpful in understanding why it’s good practice to make these accessible, http://www.investintech.com/resources/articles/pdfaccessibility/. And good starter tips for making an accessible PDF, http://webaim.org/techniques/acrobat/.

Let’s start, one accessible PDF at a time.


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