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Otter.ai is one of the newest transcription apps on the market, and it’s impressing A LOT of people! Not only can the user access the transcription during live events, but it also includes features such as capturing business meeting transcripts, online transcript storage, and as-needed access of previous transcripts. The app can connect to your calendar, will provide automatic reminders to record meetings, and allows others to view and highlight the transcripts in real time. Otter.ai also offers the ability to easily separate and label different speakers in a single transcription.


The free version offers 600 minutes each month, and while the feature is great for quick chats and occasional meetings, the Premium version allows unlimited transcription services, making in-person and online meetings (it works with the Zoom meeting platform), conferences, lectures, and classes far more accessible to those who are deaf/hard of hearing. This is also a great accommodation tool for businesses needing to provide a reasonable way to share speech in real-time text format.


To learn more about Otter.ai and its creator, check out this New York Times article

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