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Here at MDTAP, we always like a good game and that includes the classic card game UNO!  Recently, the game’s manufacturer ‘Mattel’ has launched an adapted version of the card game that is accessible for individuals with blindness.  Mattel has partnered with our friends at the National Federation for the Blind to create a new edition of their popular UNO card game.  This new edition features embossed braille on traditional cards therefore making the game accessible for those with visual impairment and those without sight challenges. 

Close up picture of UNO packaging that has NFB logo in upper right corner.

UNO Braille also works in conjunction with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to launch UNO Braille.  The smart home device will then provide an audible tutorial how to play the game.  The tutorial is interactive, so you can ask questions as they walk you through the game directions step-by-step!  I hope that other card games begin to follow suit and create Braille editions of their products and potentially include audible guides using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, too.

Text cloud with UNO and NFB logos.

If you are visually impaired or have a visually impaired friend that reads braille this would be a nice gift so you can both play a fun card game together!  I see this being a great holiday gift as we start to approach the holiday season.

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