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I wanted to highlight some awesome work that is going on at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Every year, the student body of MIT organize an assistive technology hackathon.  Unlike typical hackathons this event doesn’t focus on building the fanciest or flashiest device, software or tool.  Instead it focuses on the creation of pragmatic solutions to aid those with disabling conditions in their locality.  ATHack seeks and matches hackers with clients from the Cambridge/Boston community who are looking to work with students to prototype an assistive technological solution to address an activity of daily living.     Two people working on adding equipment to a motorized wheelchair.


This past AThack as its know at MIT and surrounding areas was hosted this past March.  The event is spread over a two-week period, an initial event and then the final day long hack. On the final day, the hackathon occurs and the hackers (sometimes individuals but mostly teams) have access to a workspace that includes hand tools, 3D printers, a laser cutter, a comprehensive machine shop and basic stock materials. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology seal in red on white background.


For those that are interested in getting involved or those that wish to support the MIT ATHack – please contact them directly at:  at-hack-core@mit.edu. They are always looks for donors/sponsors to support their next hack – so please support them if you have the means!ATHack logo with purple background. Green triangle, white slash, pick T.


I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about this awesome maker event!

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