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I hope this new post finds you all well!  Wow, what a week a MDTAP — we have had a great time supporting our constituents.  Today’s post focuses on an iOS based application by the name of ‘Speechify.’  I have used the aforementioned app in my current role and in quite a bit in my former role supporting document accessibility for students in higher education in the state of Maryland.

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Ok, I love text-to-speech apps that work well and don’t sound like a 1970’s Dr Who Dalek.  I can think of nothing worse than using an app that sound like a Dalek, in my mind I keep thinking about those Daleks chanting  ‘Exterminate’ for those that aren’t familiar with Daleks, you missed out on being a kid in the 70s and 80s — head to YouTube to get a quick sample of what I am talking about today.  The voices in Speechify  are good quality, human-like, great tone, have good cadence and sound very natural.


CLoe up of green dalek

This app allows you to import a variety of text file formats for text-to-speech output via file upload, paste in your text, and even scan a book using the device’s camera.  Regarding file import the common cloud services are all supported which is fantastic such as Dropbox, Google drive and iCloud.  A recent feature they have added is the ability to browse preexisting ‘free or open educational resources (OER)’ — OER is the next big thing in the higher education world and something that I can see becoming very mainstream in years to come!

Speechify logo with 5 screenshots of Speechify in use. on phones and monitors.

Overall, I love the simplicity of the app; it’s pragmatic and gets the job done for pennies compared to similar apps!  A free version is available in the app store but I do believe they sell a more ‘premium’ version of the application, too.  Check the app out and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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PS.Quick disclaimer:  We don’t own the rights to the pictures but I do happen to know Cliff the man behind the app and he’s an individual with a disability that is really trying to make a difference in the accessibility world! 

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