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I bet you didn’t know yesterday was National Assistive Technology Awareness DayDon’t feel bad, it just happened!  On March 11, 2019, Senator Robert P. Casey Jr., for himself and Senator Kevin Cramer, submitted S.Res.103, a resolution designating March 27, 2019 as “National Assistive Technology Awareness Day” to the U.S. Senate. The resolution was agreed to by unanimous consent.

Lori Markland talks to group while standing next to Sec Beatty in Loan Closet reception area.

According to the resolution, the Senate “commends assistive technology specialists and program coordinators for their hard work and dedication to serving people with disabilities who are in need of finding the proper assistive technology to meet their individual needs; and professional organizations and researchers who are dedicated to facilitating the access and acquisition of assistive technology for people with disabilities and older adults in need of assistive technology devices.”

Sec Beatty stands with Mary Becker Loan Closet manager and Lori Markland MDTAP ED.

MDTAP is part of a nationwide network of state Assistive Technology Act Programs funded under the Assistive Technology Act (AT Act).  The mission of each AT program is to provide four basic services:  device demonstration, device loan, reuse promotion and financial loans.  Yesterday we visited the Howard County Loan Closet and highlighted the reuse aspect of MDTAP and its partners across the state.  There is more to do to enhance reuse and we will continue to work toward that goal.  We were delighted that MDOD Secretary Carol Beatty joined us as well as representatives from Howard County Executive Calvin Ball’s staff, and the Howard County Department of Community Resources and Services staff which includes the Office on Aging and Independence.  Look for more information in the coming months about reuse and loan programs across the state!  Group of 12 people gathered in front of Loan Closet Logo on wall.

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