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What is AEM?

Accessible Education Materials (AEM) are materials and technologies usable for learning across the widest range of individual variability, regardless of format or features. Whether a material or technology is designed from the start to be accessible for all learners or is made accessible for learners with disabilities, it is considered AEM.  AEM are print- and technology-based educational materials, including printed and electronic textbooks that are designed or enhanced in a way that makes them usable across the widest range of learner variability, regardless of format.  AEM are the materials that work with Accessible Technology to make learning possible! 

Did you know there is a National Center for Accessible Education Materials?  There is!  Check out their website: AEM  They have information for supporting students, creating AEM and more on this informative site.  It’s worth a few minutes to explore.  

National Center on Accessible Education Materials logo

One great resource on the site is the brief on AEM, Technology and IEPs.  You can link directly to it HERE

Good questions to ask as you get started thinking about AEM for students with IEPs:

  • Is printed text a barrier for the
  • Does the student have difficulty
    using technology-based materials?
  • Does the student need AT to access
    specialized formats of print-based
    and/or technology-based materials?

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