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Google Live Transcribe for Android phones

close up of Android phone with Google homepage on screen.

On Monday, Google announced Live Transcribe, a free Android service that makes real-world conversations more accessible.  Powered by Google Cloud, Live Transcribe captions conversations in real-time.  You can launch it with a single tap from within any app, directly from the accessibility icon on the system tray. 

Live Transcribe is designed for conversational speech, so you don’t use punctuation commands.  You simply speak conversationally.  Punctuation is automatically added, including when you speak a word or phrase that indicates that you might be asking a question, a question mark is added immediately.  Brilliant!!  Google partnered with Gallaudet University to enhance end user experience. 

Read Google’s press release on the Google AI Blog:  https://ai.googleblog.com/2019/02/real-time-continuous-transcription-with.html


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