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The snow has us thinking about ways to stay warm and safe this winter.  These are just a few things to consider for yourself and home as you battle the cold.  

Smart-Touch Gloves:  These are gloves that have conductive threads woven into the fingertips to allow you to wear gloves while still using touchscreen technology.  These gloves have become more common place and can be found at many stores.  

Hands in black gloves holding smart phone.

Smart Touch Gloves

Talking/Programmable Thermostat:  Programmable thermostats allow you to preset controls to keep your home warm and toasty.  For those who are blind or have low-vision, there are talking thermostats (some are programmable as well) that speak the settings, current temperature and warnings like “change your filter”.  

Thermostat with talking bubbles saying "The temperature is 72 degrees" and "Change your filter"

SmartWay thermostat

Ice grips/All-terrain tires:  For those with mobility issues, snow and ice makes getting around more challenging.  Ice grips for the bottom of a cane/crutch or walker make traction much easier to find.  Wheelchair all terrain tires also make getting thru packed snow and snow piles possible.   

Two bottoms of canes with metal ice grips attached.

Cane Ice Grips

For assistance with finding these items or to borrow any of the items in our lending library, contact one of our Assistive Technology Specialists, 1-800-832-4827.  

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