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Last fall, MDOD’s Director of Emergency Preparedness Policy collaborated with the MD Technology Assistance Program to secure a grant for creating assistive technology kits to be used during disasters. A disaster or evacuation shelter provides life- saving mass care to survivors in their community so they can begin the recovery process. To ensure that Maryland meets the needs of the whole community, survivors need equal access to mass care, disaster assistance, and other recovery services. This means equal access to buildings, programs, communication, and information. Response and recovery services must be compliant with the ADA.

During the recent flash floods, the kits were deployed to shelters and disaster assistance centers in Howard and Baltimore Counties, and Baltimore City. MDOD works closely with Maryland Department of Human Services to ensure that the assistive technologies are available when mass care, repatriation, or recovery centers are open. The assistive technology kits are strategically located throughout the state to ensure they are operationally ready to support a disaster 24/7.

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