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Hey Google!

Contributed by Erin Swann, MSE, ATP

“Hey Google, who won the hockey game last night?”

“Hey Google, turn on the living room light.”

“Hey Google, play my morning music playlist.”

Google Home and other smart home devices allow us to control many things in our environment simply by using our voice.

For some people with disabilities, having control over the lights, thermostat, doors, locks and many other things by using voice commands can be very powerful.

Google Home can also provide entertainment by playing music, audio books, or even TV shows and movies with the use of Chromecast on a TV.

And for those who could use some assistance with keeping organized, Google Home can keep track of your calendar, reminders, and even place phone calls for you.

We recently added the Google Home and Google Home Mini to our Assistive Technology Loan Library. Send us a message at mdtap@mdtap.org if you’d like to give Google Home a try!

We also have the Amazon Echo if you’d like to give that a try as well!


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