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AT, in and of itself, can be utterly glamorous. Case in point- exoskeletons, self driving cars, self lacing shoes, etc. But it’s also making lesser obvious impacts, such as helping women with low vision apply makeup, or using facial recognition apps to help alzheimers patients. The world of technology is far reaching and it’s effecting change from the smallest of tasks to the largest. You can read about all of these changes right here – AT in the news for the week of 10/10 thru 10/14

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New exoskeleton helps disabled people get back on their feet

Pittsburgh firms on front line of robotics technology revolution

Disabled teen drives with new technology

It’s not only engineers who work in robotics

How tech can promote diversity in the workplace

Assistive technology features products, apps designed to benefit students

Assistive Technology expo returns to UMass Medical School

Low-Cost Breakthrough in a Refreshable Braille Device

ABLE accounts, a savings plan for people with disabilities, help parents plan for their childrens’ futures

Is there a “business imperative” for hiring adults with autism?

Disabled teen drives with new technology

Like kids, adults with learning disabilities have federal rights

Eyefluence Is Bringing Eye Tracking Tech To The “Next Generation of VR Headsets |

Do adolescents with specific language impairment understand driving terminology?

L’Oréal Brazil wants to help visually impaired women use its products through new Audio MakeUp Project

11-year-old develops communication app w/ facial recognition to tell relatives with Alzheimer’s who they’re talking to

New Partnership Formed to Prepare People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for Training Law

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