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Many people struggle on a daily basis to participate in life around them.  For many an inability to hear well makes life an ongoing challenge.  For some, isolation, depression and loneliness are constant companions because they cannot hear.  They wish for something different, but they do not know where to turn.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation may be able to help you brighten many futures by providing hearing aids to those who need them but have no other way to acquire them.

Hear Now is the US program of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  As such, Hear Now serves low income individuals who permanently reside in the US that have no other resources to acquire hearing aids.  Anyone having any benefit for hearing aids, in part or total, through VA, an insurance plan, Medicaid, a state or any other program, may not qualify for Hear Now service, but they are encouraged to call to discuss their individual situation.

As a financially based program Hear Now considers income and assets for all those in the household.

All interested parties are advised to call Hear Now to discuss eligibility before completing an application for assistance.  Not everyone will qualify for the program’s assistance so making this phone call is highly recommended.

Hear Now works with local hearing healthcare providers throughout the US who volunteer their time and service to test, fit and follow up on the patient and their adjustment to the hearing aids.  The applicant is responsible for finding a provider in his/her area to provide the professional services through the process.

There is an application processing fee of $125 per hearing requested.  When an application is approved, aids are given to the applicant at no additional cost. The hearing aids provided are Behind the Ear models and are new.  Custom hearing aids are not provided by Hear Now. Please feel free to share this information with fellow colleagues and other professionals in your network.

To learn more about the program, or request materials for the program, call Hear Now at 800-328-8602 or email us at Hearnow@starkey.com.

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  1. Curtis Lockhart says:

    I am in neen of a hearing aid i cant hear it is cusing my girlfriend and a lot of problems. Can you help? I am 64 years old on SSI AND I DONT IF MEIDCAL PAYS FOR THEM.

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