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Sometimes, AT is as simple as automated text reminders or phone alerts. And sometimes, it’s full of glitz, glam and ingenuity, like the dbGlove for the deaf/blind community. Or, the smart wheelchair that shares diagnostic medical results, includes GPS, and way more.

There’s a whole lot of incredible happening in the world of AT. This is just a peek at what’s happening this week…9/21 thru 9/25.

Expanding Access to Assistive Technology

Where Does Accessibility Begin for the Internet of Things Ecosystem?

Brown University begins testing of wireless brain sensor

Project to 3-D print for disabled students

Play it your way: how Twitch lets disabled gamers earn a living online

Go Baby Go program puts disabled Utah children on the move

Finally a tool to help people w/ disabilities cast their ballot in privacy

Therapeutic Video Game for Autism

Smartphones, Apps Prove Liberating For Those With Special Needs

Text Reminders Help People Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure

Scientists use brainwaves to help disabled gain mobility

How Italian dbGLOVE and Pedius assist the deaf and blind

Filmmaker Jason DaSilva addresses accessibility issues with technology

Smart wheelchairs, newest connected device to share health, repairs, etc

Robotic support brings freedom to paraplegics – Tek RMD (Video)

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