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“Loosely Speaking: An Anthology of Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,” (EDS) is a collection of art, poetry, prose, and other such works, by people with EDS and their caregivers.  The goal is to share realistic, authentic experiences, to understand the hobble through life, and to give hope.  The idea is to bring the humanity into the medical lives of those with EDS.

Volume 2 of Loosely Speaking is now accepting submissions of writing, art, photography, or any other medium can be pressed into a book!

Examples of submissions for Volume 2:

-Your experience as a patient/provider/caregiver/friend/etc.

-Successes after confusing battles

-Times to let go and cope

-Frustrations with health care systems and successful workarounds

-How it feels to watch someone you care about going through life with EDS

-How it feels to be able to help (or not)

-Self-care as a provider/caregiver

-What EDS has helped you learn about your own life

-Something beautiful or bittersweet that has come of your experience with EDS


Submission Guidelines can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/looselywriting/

Volume 1: http://blur.by/15kkhqq

Entries: LS.Submissions@gmail.com


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