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AT in the news for the weeks of 5/20 – 5/31…

Disabled trio make dance track with their minds

FDA clears medical device for muscle and joint rehabilitation

Virtual Office Work Accommodation Supports the Needs of Twenty-four Disabled Employees at WeCo

Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO Robot Goes to School to Help Children with Autism

Honda leasing Walking Assist devices to hospitals for rehabilitation

Wheelchair lift out of Madison promises more access

Walking device helps people get back in step

UNH patents flexible iPad stand

Robots may care for aging baby boomers as number of home aides dwindles

UNH ‘MacGyver’ gets school’s first design patent – AT iPad Stand

Rensselaer Hosts Conference on “Assistive Technology” for the Arts

Logitech unveils $60 wired iPad keyboard built for classroom abuse

New prototype allows patients with severe functional disability to be more active and independent

The Next Frontier For 3-D Printing: Helping The Disabled

This Site Wants To Be The Craigslist For Disabled Americans

The Surprising Ways BYOD, Flipped Classrooms, and 1-to-1 Are Being Used in the Special Ed Classroom

Student-built innovations to help improve and save lives

Researchers reveal robots designed to help vets, others with disabilities

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