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Home Oxygen and Fire Safety

Contributed by Provi Sharpe, Director of Emergency Management and Reuse, MDTAP 

Oxygen is often called O2, and it is a colorless, odorless gas that is part of the air we breathe. It is essential for all cells in our body and helps healing.  A doctor’s prescription is required for home oxygen use.

Oxygen use in the home is safe. It does not explode and it is not flammable but it can cause other flammable materials to ignite more easily and to burn more quickly.  The use of home-based and portable oxygen systems in the home continues to increase and it is of great benefit to those home healthcare patients in need of supplemental oxygen therapy. Please remember, however, that it should always be handled with caution and complete awareness of the potential hazards so that it can be used safely at home.

Stay safe from fire with these Home Oxygen Safety Tips.

It is important for family and visitors to know what they should and should not do in a home with an oxygen system. You can easily remind them with this handy Home Oxygen Safety Poster.

Do you have a family member or visitor who smokes?  Here’s what you should know about Smoking and Home Oxygen Systems.

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