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Researchers at Oregon Health and Science University are conducting a research project (IRB#00021611). The overall goal of this three year research program will be to develop a caregiver implemented AAC intervention delivered via telepractice for young children (24-36 months) with complex communication needs. In study 1, parents and speech-language pathologists will be interviewed regarding their perspectives on the implementation supports, features, and resources parents and speech-language pathologists need in order to participate in a caregiver implemented augmentative and alternative (AAC) intervention via telepractice.

The total time commitment will be approximately 2-3 hours. Participants will be compensated $50 for their time. Parents are eligible to participate in the study if they have a child between 24-60 months with complex communication needs and limited natural/verbal speech. Speech-language pathologists are eligible to participate in the study if they work with children ages 24-36 months of age and currently have at least one child on their caseload who could benefit from AAC strategies. Speech-language pathologists must also have at least 2 years’ experience providing any form of AAC (including picture symbols, iPad, sign language, text, and others).

Interested participants may follow this link: https://redcap.link/earlyaac to read and sign the study consent form. 

Study Flyer PDF

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