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Hey guys,

I wanted to write a brief blog regarding durable medical equipment (DME) resources in Maryland. Firstly, what is DME? The category for DME includes devices / items like:

  • Wheelchairs (power and manual)
  • Scooters
  • Rollators / walkers
  • Toilet and shower supports
  • Bathroom aids
  • Hospital beds
  • Among others

The Maryland Assistive Technology Program (MDTAP) does not loan out devices like these, so the question now begs to be asked: where does one go to acquire these devices?

  1. Firstly, I would check with your insurance company as they may provide some of these devices for you for little to no charge (depending on your insurance provider).
    1. Navigating insurance companies can be tricky and they do not cover everything. Some things may be covered, some may not, and some devices may be covered once every so often so if it breaks or no longer is a correct fit there may be gaps in what the insurance can assist with and what the individual needs.
  2. Next I would check out Maryland’s newest DME Reuse Program. Here is the link to their webpage: Maryland Durable Medical Equipment Re-Use. They accept donations of DME and can assist with distributing the DME to MD residents with disabilities!
    1. For questions, please email MDOA@maryland.gov​or call 240-230-8000
  3. You can contact your local Center for Independent Living (CIL) to see if they can help with assistance with locating one and potential funding opportunities. These CILs are organized by county so check this website to find out which CIL serves the county you or your loved one reside in Maryland Centers for Independent Living (organized by county)
  4. Check out our Loan Closet Directory listed on our webpage (mdatp.org). This directory has a list of non-profits and other agencies in Maryland that collect DME and clean / refurbish it to distribute to MD residents.
    1. Some are free, some require a fee, and some require a deposit. The directory lists all of this information within it and can be a great resource to point individuals in the right direction to find some DME.
  5. Lastly, I would check our MD Assistive Technology Equipment Reuse Facebook Yard Sale page. The purpose of this page is for MD residents to connect with one another to buy, sell, or give away things they no longer need. We do not control what is listed or the price of these items but this may be a great place to check periodically to see what is available.

I hope that this information is helpful and can lend assistance to finding DME! Any questions can be directed to james.whitney1@maryland.gov and I would be happy to answer them.

-James Whitney

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