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Hey everyone!  This is James Whitney, AT Clinician MDTAP

Part of my job here at the Maryland Assistive Technology Program is to consult with Maryland residents with varying abilities / disabilities and assist them in the process of finding AT to best fit their unique needs. There are so many devices out there to purchase that hold value and can greatly improve aspects of an individual’s life.

I want to discuss some of the free-of-charge, already-included-in-your-device, accessibility features that your phone, computer, or tablet currently offer. I will discuss these below for each of the big 3 operating systems.  Over the next few bog posts, we’ll discuss options related to vision, hearing, mobility and learning.  

First up:  Support

How to access these settings:

  • Apple: à Settings à Accessibility
  • Windows 10 à Settings à Ease of Access
  • Android à Settings à Accessibility



Apple Support: If you are a customer with a disability and utilize our accessibility features such as VoiceOver or MFi Hearing devices, call (877) 204–3930 for direct access to Apple representatives who are trained in providing support for these services. https://www.apple.com/contact/

Windows 10 Disability Answer Desk: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/disability-answer-desk?activetab=contact-pivot%3aprimaryr9

Android Accessibility Support: https://support.google.com/accessibility/android?hl=en#topic=6007234

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