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White and blue directional sign with wheelchair ADA logoHi guys, today’s blog post focuses on accessibility in a global-sense (well nationwide at the very least) and it highlights an awesome article about the ADA, also known as the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The ADA happens to be turning 30 years old this year!  Nationwide, regionally and statewide you guys should expect lots of events to mark, celebrate and market this civil rights law’s 30th birthday.  For those that do not know the ADA prevents discrimination in a variety of forms on the basis of disability. Please click on the following link to read all about it!!


President Bush signing ADA law with four onlookers.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the ADA and the anniversary of this vital civil rights law!  Later this year, we will be posting, advertising and sharing out information about events to mark the 30th birthday of the ADA here in Maryland.

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Andrew Drummond

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