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GPS SmartSole

GPS SmartSole

Close up of shoe insert on white background.  Black letters saying "SmartSole"

Hi guys,

Today, I wanted to introduce and highlight the GPS SmartSole by GTX Corporation.  This particular device is intended to act as tracking system for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  However, after spending a little while thinking about the usefulness of this product, it could definitely be utilized with individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder and those with intellectual disabilities that are at risk of wandering/eloping. 

Two shoe inserts with red arrow pointing to computer screen. Screen has map opened.

Interesting bit of kit, the SmartSole is an inner sole with a hidden smartphone sealed within a water resistant shoe insert that can be ‘tailored/trimmed’ to the wearer’s foot size.  The unit retails for $299 and also requires a monthly plan starting at approximately $15 per month for the economy package (does not include geofencing and other features).  This device allows the caregiver to discretely monitor the location of their loved one to assist with keeping them safe through use the Smart Locator iOS app.  In addition, the device’s software/app allows Geofencing and the creating of geographical zones that trigger alerts to support loved ones staying in a specific vicinity versus possibly wandering off towards dangerous locations.  It also shares the battery status of the device with loved ones to ensured charging occurs on a regular basis.  Finally, the app can determine if the wearer is moving, when they started to move and provide very specific locations based on the GPS including street names/cross-streets (pus city blocks, depending on locality).

Close up of phone app with dates and locations and times.

Finally, to learn more about the product, full pricing information and more of the features please click the link below.


Thanks again for reading,

Andrew Drummond

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