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Hey guys, what a fun two weeks we have had at MD TAP — this week I had the pleasure of installing a really affordable smart garage door opening system by Chamberlain.  My need for a new open system came about earlier this week when my old (circa 2006) unit  literally went ‘BANG!’  Anyway, after spending a day opening my garage door manually I realized it was time to head to Home Depot for a new unit.  Currently, we are getting our home ready for sale and this was a very cool feature to add to our home. 

Picture of overhead garage door unit with remote controls. I got out of my local Home Depot with this belt-driven unit, two remotes, two safety sensors, a wireless door panel (outside) and inner control panel with rails for under $250.  The installation time was about two hours without any assistance.  The garage door opener seems very well made, the installation was pretty straightforward and to be honest the removal of the old unit was the most time consuming.  What I really love about the myQ smart home app is how easy it integrates with my existing smart-home eco-system. 


close up of hand holding phone to use myq garage door opener.


The smart features; I can open and close the door via the app, check the status of the garage door’s position, receive status alerts, smart home integration and finally the ability to schedule when to open and close the door.  Overall, I feel like a got a really good deal for this unit and I am pleased with the simplicity of the myQ app!  I am excited to spend more time using this app in conjunction with the other smart appliances and systems within my home!

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