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iOS 13 Accessibility

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Today marks the 29th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This landmark civil rights legislation prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in the public arena.  

It’s been a busy and important week so far, but I wanted to bring you some exciting information on Apple’s continuation and further development of accessibility supports through the upcoming iOS 13.  Well, after spending more time using the beta iOS — I have really enjoyed several of the new accessibility features, especially the supports for motion sensitivity (potential migraine and seizure trigger) and color blindness supports. 

Four iphone screens with the number 13 in center of picture

The latest motion sensitivity feature can be selected within the iOS setting menu.  Users will have the choice to stop auto-start videos that contain parallax images, strobe light effects or other potential motion triggers. Next, we will see the introduction of ‘cross-fade transitions’ which will occur when users try to switch between apps.  The ‘new transition’ will be less visually jarring for the end user and less likely to trigger a migraine or seizure. 

Close up of ipad screen on home page with icons.

Improved color blindness supports will be a big feature for the latest iteration of iOS.  The new color blindness features should allow the end user to select their color blindness disorder and the operating system will then make adjustments throughout the respective GUI. 

Four color charts on black background showing color contrast options.

The new accessibility features will be available on compatible iPhones and iPads.  All of the accessibility features detailed in this blog post will be available within Apple apps and some third party (if the author opts to use the latest API).  If you have had a chance to try out the latest public beta and these respective features, please drop us a comment below!

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