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Everyone has limited budgets and needs their dollars to stretch further than ever before.  But as more technology becomes available individuals, school systems, providers, etc have a hard time keeping pace.  Thank goodness for AT Discount Sales and Services and the founder, Amanda Cheong.  Amanda truly believes in the power assistive technology offers individuals with disabilities for a better quality of life and more independence.  She founded AT Discount Sales & Services as a way to help get that needed AT into people’s hands.  Their mission is to provide product information and available discounts on assistive technology and related products as well as services for schools, organizations, families and community agencies serving individuals with disabilities.  You tell Amanda what you need, and she finds the best price or discount for you!  Who doesn’t want the best price for equipment??  

Check out the website:  http://www.atdiscount.net/

Amanda isn’t just bringing her 19 years at AT experience to the table.  Her dedication and passion for the field grew out of her experience of witnessing how her daughter, Kristin, and countless others she has been involved with have been able to improve their participation with their families, peers, and studies through assistive technology.  

AT Discount Sales & Services, with help from MDTAP, is expanding its reach to all parts of the state!  Amanda is available to assist school systems or agencies looking to purchase AT from any region in Maryland including the Eastern Shore, Western and Southern Maryland.  To get started, you can email Amanda at:  amanda@atdiscount.net


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