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Suggestions Welcome!

Here at Maryland TAP, we are in the process of adding new devices to our assistive technology loan library.  As technology changes over time, we remove items from our loan library that are no longer being made and replace them with new and updated assistive technology devices.

Devices in our loan library can be borrowed for four weeks to help those with disabilities determine which device is best for them before they make any purchases.  We serve all ages and all types of disabilities.  We also loan assistive technology to family members or professionals who use it for evaluations, demonstrations, or presentations.

Below are a few items we are thinking about adding to our assistive technology loan library in the coming months.  Comment in the comment section under this post with any suggestions for devices, software, or apps that you’d like to see us add to our assistive technology loan library!


Quha Zono Mouse: A wireless computer mouse that can be worn on the head or hand.  It uses gyroscopic technology to match movement of the head or hand with movement of the mouse on the computer screen.
woman wearing the quha zono mouse mounted to an around the head headband


Snow 10 Pro: A portable video magnifier with a large 10-inch screen.  It also features OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which allows the user to take a picture of printed text and have it read out loud.

the snow 10 pro portable video magnifier with 10 inch screen


One-handed Cake Server: A cake server that could allow someone with the use of only one hand to cut and serve cake with ease.

one-handed cake server next to a cake with two pieces of cake that have been sliced


6 Responses to “Suggestions Welcome!”

  1. BJOY Ring Kit – Wheelchair Computer Control
    The BJOY Ring Kit offers the ability to use the joystick of your wheelchair as a mouse control for your computer.

  2. Joan says:

    Many of the families I like really like the C-Pen reader, the Livescribe Pen and learning more about accessibility features and apps as well as extensions on the devices they already own:) Perhaps a Chromebook with many helpful extensions such as Read and Write for Google Chrome and Co-writer Universal. Families would also appreciate getting an iPad loaner with helpful AAC apps such as LAMP WFL, Speak For Yourself, Proloquo2go and Bridge Communication.

    • MDTAP Blog says:

      Thank you for all of these great suggestions, Joan! Things that we currently have available for loan include iPads with AAC apps, the C-Pen Reader, and the Livescribe Echo Pen. The Chromebook with reading and writing extensions is a great suggestion, and we will look into the possibility of adding that to our loan library as well!

  3. Robert Chase says:

    Great invention…! I like your assistive technology adding tips and ideas. This is a very helpful article for disable people. It helps to do comfortable and easy living for disable person. I hope all disable people are benefited to read your blog post. Good job and keep it up. Thanks for sharing your post.

    • MDTAP Blog says:

      Hi Robert. Thank you for visiting our blog! Glad to hear that you are finding the information provided to be useful!

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