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Contributed by Andy Adrion of TekGear

I would like to introduce the Twiddler, the one-handed Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that lets you type faster wherever you go and is programmable. You can program and change the keys to suit your needs. You can even set it to store blocks of text that can be typed with a single chord, making dreaded data entry as easy as can be.

The Twiddler has enough keys and can easily be configured to represent the entire Braille alphabet and numbers. Read more about Braille configurations here.

With a little practice, average users can type 30-60 wpm. The handy customization features allow you to key in anything up to 260 wpm.

The Twiddler lets you type and navigate faster on your mobile phone, tablet, or wearable without the hindrance of a bulky traditional keyboard.

Please review the site twiddler.tekgear.com for more information.


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