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It’s almost the holiday weekend, and chances are you’ll be chatting news (and probably politics) with friends and family. Let us help you wow them with your smarts about current trends in technology, engineering and disability legislation – here’s the best place to start…AT in the news for the week of 5/23 thru 5/27

German scientists are training robots to ‘feel’ pain

The future of medicine: Magnetic origami pills made out of pig intestine

Will Amazon Echo, Google Home Be The Disability-Friendly Holiday Gifts Of 2016?

New! Videos, resources and more for developing apps for accessibility

Online Autism Training Shows Promise For Families

ReWalk tech to help stroke, MS victims get moving

Toyota’s Idea of Mobility Includes Stair-Climbing Wheelchair And Wearable GPS For Blind People

STEM students challenged to invent assistive technology

Video is a great addition for a website. To make the video accessible, include captions and audio descriptions

How Technology for Good Can Give Kids With Limited Lives Unlimited Possibilities

For People With Disabilities, New Technology Can Be Life Changing

How to plan the return to work for disabled employees

Assistive technology helping people with dementia

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