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A Netflix for the blind!? Scientists communicating with the “locked in”!? $50 prosthetics!? The future is here, my friends. Check out all these stories and more…AT in the news for the week of 4/21 thru 4/25

Digital apps and devices not developed with disabled in mind, study says

Blind entrepreneur creates a Netflix for the blind

Wearables are moving to the ear as an ideal location

Accessibility Arcade to help disabled video game lovers level up  

What the Shift to Mobile Means for Blind News Consumers

Man prefers $50 3-D printed hand to $42,000 prosthetic

Canada opens its first all accessible arcade for people with disabilities

UMBC professors study how technology helps people with disabilities

Let’s tailor technology to make life easier for disabled people

Accessible Cab? Good intentions meet bad design

“50 Best iPad Apps for Reading Disabilities”

Section 508 Refresh Timing – A brief update

Smartphone and Service for The Blind & Visually Impaired

AudioEye and Bureau of Internet Accessibility Enter Into Partnership

People Don’t Like Google Glass Because It Makes Them Seem Weak

A group of neuroscientists believes it can communicate with “locked-in” coma patients

7 Incognito Wearables You’d Never Guess Were Gadgets

Advanced bionic limbs could redefine disabilities

Who Will Watch You Fall? A Radar Detection Program for the Elderly

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