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AFB and VisionAware recently launched new initiatives addressing the needs of individuals with vision loss. Check out some of the newest materials here:

Help Us StrengthenSpecialized Services by sharing our new advocacy materials
As services geared to help people with visual impairments are almost perpetually in danger of being cut due to shrinking budgets, it becomes crucial that we continue to advocate to our policymakers of their importance, and to ensure such services are kept in place. AFB’s new specialized services materials underline the importance of these services, and include specific documents on education services, employment services, and services for older consumers with vision loss. These documents are available at www.afb.org/specializedservices as accessible PDFs that can easily be printed and shared.


Spread the word about VisionAware’sGetting Started kit
Over 21.2 million Americans report trouble seeing, and that number is on the rise. For adults experiencing vision loss for the first time, the diagnosis can feel overwhelming and stressful. To provide hope and help to handle the challenges of vision loss, and to connect users with the resources they need, VisionAware created a Getting Started kit, available at visionaware.org/gettingstarted. Comprised of 10 “tip sheets,” each sheet addresses practical solutions to everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, using computers, and more. The tip sheets are available as accessible PDFs that can easily be
printed and shared.

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