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Grab your coffee because it’s that time of week again…AT in the news for the week of 11/18 thru 11/22

Fantastical an iPhone Calendar App Makes Staying Organized Easy

All-terrain wheelchair re-opens outdoors to disabled hunters

98-year-old man returns to his art after 15 years blind, with Microsoft Paint

FCC Seeks Comment on Accessibility Policies

Fulton home is meant for family

Michigan State University is conducting a study about the social behaviors of adolescents and adults with and without disabilities

iPads Helping Kids With Autism Learn To Speak

Voting made easier at Michigan State

Technically, you are what you wear

Too Cool For (Bike) Helmet Head? Here’s One Swedish Solution

What would a city designed for the blind be like? Blind architect Chris Downey explains

Mind-controlled Robots Useful for Manufacturing, Medicine

Schildi the disabled tortoise uses Lego wheel as leg

 U.S. can help protect people with disabilities worldwide

10 Tips to Enable People With Disabilities to Get Jobs

Online Survey About Voice Telecommunication Use for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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