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Because of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, we’re wrapping up the news a little early. But don’t despair, there’s no lack of AT articles in the news this week, 5/21 – 5/24. Just check out some of the links below:

Microsoft builds Kinectacles, Kinect Bridge for the blind and speech impaired

Google Glasses patent hints at speech-to-text display for deaf users

Mobility: This Amazing Device Just Made Wheelchairs Obsolete for Paraplegics

UC students design a better pill bottle for the blind and visually impaired

12-year-old amputee tells Vets how prosthetics can help lead to a normal life

Anthony Smith, Hearing-Impaired Boy, Gets Custom Superhero, ‘The Blue Ear,’ From Marvel Comics

iPhone 5 to Have Larger Display, Steve Jobs Worked Closely on Design Before Death

My Name Is Not Bob: Writing Blind: How Blind People Manage to Write

Virtual World Offers New Approach To Tackling Autism

Insignia Announces The Narrator, its First Talking HD Radio(TM) Product, Coming in July

University of Nevada, Reno, scientists design indoor navigation system for blind

Play Accessible Textbooks on Your iPhone with Learning Ally Audio

In a Digital Age, Braille Is Still Important | GeekMom |

Stroke Victims Think, Robotic Arm Acts – NPR

Sensory Rooms Transport Students With Special Needs – Education Week News


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