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A Program of the Maryland Technology Assistance Program / Maryland Department of Disabilities, the WorkABILITY Loan Program helps Maryland residents with disabilities qualify for low-interest loans to buy equipment to gain or maintain employment.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who intends to use the loan to buy equipment for a Maryland resident with a disability to enable him or her to establish home-based work or start a small business. By increasing opportunities to home-based work and self-employment, current barriers to employment such as inadequate transportation, fatigue, inaccessible work environments, and the need for personal assistance are reduced and eliminated.

Will Everyone Be Able To Get A Loan?

No. You must have a good likelihood of repaying a loan. The program will look at your income, debt, credit history, etc. Some applicants will be denied.  But the program’s criteria -much less stringent than banks use- will enable many people to get loans whom banks would turn down.

How Much Can I Borrow?

From $500 to $50,000. * Unsecured loans available up to $7,500. Other restrictions may also apply.

What Is The Interest Rate?

All loans have below-market interest rates. Most loans have rates below prime.

What Types Of Equipment Can Loans Be Used To Buy?

  • Computers, printers, and related peripherals
  • Software
  • Fax machines, scanners
  • Office machines (e.g. fax machines, scanners, calculators)
  • Telecommunications devices
  • Telecommunication system installation charges (i.e. DSL)
  • Office furniture Home and/or home office modifications for accessibility
  • Assistive technology (a device or item that enables an individual with a disability to live and work more independently or productively with an improved quality of life)


Contact The Program To Get An Application:

loans@mdtap.org, 410-554-9233 (Voice), 1-800-832-4827 (Voice-toll free), 1-866-881-7488 (TTY-toll-free), 410-554-9237 (Fax)

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