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AT in the news for the week of 4/16 – 4/20

For the 1st time Scientists have shown that blindness can be partially reversed in mice

A Better Computer Mouse Cursor for the Disabled

Brain Controls Paralyzed Muscles | The Scientist

Special-needs learning aps – Monterey County Herald

Firm making mobiles more user-friendly – This is Plymouth

Brother of Boy With Autism Releases iPad App

T-Mobile Fined: The FCC is fining T-Mobile $819,000 for not offering enough phones that are hearing aid compatib

New Technology To Help Blind Riders Use Credit Cards In Taxis – NY1

Tai Chi wheelchair brings mobility, self-esteem, better health to practitioners – EurekAlert

New Technology for Hearing Impaired in Performance Venues – The Ledger

Hearing aid streams audio wirelessly from TV’s and Smartphones

iPads give children with Down syndrome a voice

Check out this program that school-based SLPs can use when serving children with hearing loss

Researchers to develop assistive robots that will help children with disabilities

Apps for children with autism

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